WETT Inspections in Barrie & Simcoe County

WETT Inspections

If you are heating your home with wood (wood stove,furnace or pellet stove) or have a fireplace and have never had a WETT inspection performed, you could be at risk!  A WETT Inspection (Wood Energy Technology Transfer) verifies the installation, condition and code compliance of wood burning appliances. Our experience with wood stove, fireplace, chimney and pellet stove inspections is that approximately 75% of the time they fail upon initial inspection!! Is the health and safety of your family and friends worth the risk? Let us perform a WETT inspection on your wood stove, fireplace or pellet stove to ensure it is safe to use!

Here are just some of the typical items that are checked during a typical WETT Inspection on a woodstove, fireplace or pellet stove:

  • Chimney & Cap
  • Chimney Liner or Flue Tiles
  • Smoke  Chamber
  • Wood Stove or Fireplace Damper
  • Firebox & Firebricks/Linings
  • Hearth & Floor Protection
  • Mantle & Clearances to Combustible Walls & Ceilings
  • Heat Shield Construction for Reduced Clearances
  • Proper Flue Pipe Installation & Venting
  • Clearance to Combustible Exterior Items
  • Chimney Foundations & Masonry
  • Overall Condition of the Woodstove, Fireplace and its Chimney

These are just some of the typical items checked during a WETT Inspection. You and your family's safety is crucial.  Having a WETT Inspection performed annually can provide you with the "Peace Of Mind" knowing your fireplace or wood stove is safe.  As a Certified WETT Inspector, Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. can provide a WETT inspection with a report delivered on-site as soon as the inspection is completed! Most insurance companies require a WETT inspection to be performed if you have just performed a new installation of a wood burning appliance or if you have just purchased a new home equipped with a woodstove, fireplace or pellet stove. Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. offers WETT Inspections in Barrie and across Simcoe County! Ask us about special pricing on inspection packages!

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