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Erich Kelter - Thursday, March 05, 2015

What’s that smell? You smell “something” but you’re not quite sure what it is? It may be described as musty, earthy, damp etc...Usually the telltale sign that you may have a mould growth problem in your home. Is it time for a mold inspection?

3 Things Needed for Mould Inspection To Occur

  • First is temperature, anything above freezing essentially, but room temperature in a house is perfect.
  • Second we need food, pretty much 90% of residential building materials qualify as food for mould.
  • Third, we need water, maybe not physical to the touch, but moisture or high humidity will get the job done.

If you have all three things combined at the same place, you are likely to have mould growth.

Most mould problems in homes are caused by water presence and contact with building materials, be it from a leaking foundation, a plumbing leak or excessive condensation around a window frame. This is why it is very important to dry off any building materials in a home that get wet as soon as possible. Mould growth can start as quickly as 24-48 hrs if conditions are correct.

Sometimes if you have a plumbing leak or foundation leakage problem you may not be aware of, mould growth can accumulate slowly over long periods of time. The mould may not present itself immediately therefore growing unimpeded and creating a possible health situation. Usually the first sign that you may have a hidden mould problem is the smell. A smell may have developed over time even though no physical signs of mould growth or leakage are present. In this situation here, air sampling for mould growth may be your best bet before you go tearing down all of the finishing in a home.

Having a mold inspection and air sampling performed can give you a pretty good picture as to what may be going on within your home. It may also be the first stop in your defense or remediation strategy when trying to troubleshoot or deal with a mould problem.

Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. offers mould inspections and air sampling to help you identify any possible mould growth problems in your home. Our mold inspection report will provide you with professional lab analysis and data to help you move forward with any mold problems or mold growth you may have.

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