About WETT Certification

Erich Kelter - Monday, February 23, 2015

As the old saying goes “if I got a nickel for...I’d be rich!” Well if I received a nickel for every time a client called and asked to have their woodstove, chimney or fireplace “WETT certified” I’d probably be rich!

Quite often the term “WETT Certification” gets thrown around and used incorrectly.  The fact of the matter is nobody, including a WETT certified professional, can “WETT Certify” or “Certify” your fireplace, chimney, woodstove or other wood burning appliance.  Same goes for the term “WETT Certificate”, there really is no such thing. The correct term would be “WETT inspection report”, not “certificate”.

When a WETT inspection is performed, the person performing it is supposed to supply a WETT inspection report to their client. Within the WETT Inspection report several items are referenced or checked to ensure the wood burning device is installed correctly, meets current codes and or manufacturers specifications, and lastly they ensure the unit is safe to use.  In no way does the WETT Inspector, “certify” any installation or appliance.

WETT Certification Process

The fact of the matter is only a handful of firms are able to “certify” an appliance. The certification process happens through controlled lab testing to several different specifications depending on the type or model of wood burning device. Organizations such as Warnock-Hersey, OTL, ULC and CSA have this ability. Furthermore the CSA sets the written standards and installation codes for wood burning appliances across Canada (CCAN/CSA B365).

Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. has been performing WETT inspections for several years in the Simcoe County area. We provide WETT inspections in Barrie, Alliston, Collingwood, Orillia and Innisfil on all types of wood burning appliances.  For a professional WETT inspection and report, please contact Above Grade Home Inspections Inc.