Home Inspections and Home Energy Audits for Realtors

Erich Kelter - Friday, July 22, 2011

Buying or selling a home can be challenging in today's market and a home energy audit can really help you make sure that you get the best price possible. An unstable economy can make things difficult for sellers, but it opens up the availability for those seeking to buy. No matter your position-buyer or seller-it is imperative that you have someone you trust to inspect your home.

Selling your home is stressful enough without the added worry of unwanted surprises that may be found when home inspections are completed. The wise thing to do is to have a pre-listing inspection. A good inspector will search the nooks and crannies of your home to be sure you are free serious defects such as structural damage. Once you have found the flaws in your home, you can begin the process of repair before putting it on the market. A home inspection would save you the heartache of a failed deal due to unknown defects.

A home energy audit would also be helpful. An eco-energy audit could provide an edge in the current market. You could improve the performance of your appliances and cut energy costs even before you sell. You would have the ability to provide potential buyers with information regarding energy costs and list what you have done to ensure that your house is energy-efficient. Not only would this help save money in the future, but it protects our environment. The government is also currently offering grants for some energy efficient improvements and appliances.

If you are attempting to buy a home, the climate is in your favor. However, you must be shrewd and aware of the possible pitfalls of buying. You may want to believe the best of people, but it would be imprudent not to protect your investment with a home inspection. A thorough home inspection prevents unwanted surprises. Superior inspectors scour the house to find serious defects which may be lurking. They guard against dishonesty and shield you from financial disaster. You may also want to ask if the seller has had a home energy audit. The cost of home ownership goes far beyond the initial price of the dwelling; you must take the energy bill into account. To be sure that the home is energy efficient, you may want to consider an energy audit before you agree to buy.

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