Importance of Pre-Delivery (PDI) New Home Inspections

Shane Serra - Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Importance of Pre-Delivery (PDI) New Home Inspections

One question we get asked frequently is “do new homes really need an inspection?” The answer to this quite simply is “yes”. All one needs to do is wander over to our Facebook page to see some of the photos taken during inspections of brand new homes to see that an inspection isn’t a bad idea...even on a brand new home. They aren’t all bad, but you don’t know until you look.

Sometimes people will ask us if it makes sense to have a PDI inspection on a brand new home. As mentioned above, we have come across several defects in new homes that certainly warrant having an inspection performed. Here are the two common approaches we recommend when buying a new home.

PDI New Home Inspection

This is where the homeowner has their inspection performed prior to finalizing their home purchase or “delivery”. Our PDI inspection is quite different from the inspection a builder performs with the client. Typically the builder does a cursory walk through with the client just prior to the closing of the home. During this time the builder representative will go over the operation of normal operating controls within the home, shut off locations etc...They also use this time to walk through the home and identify defects that the builder should fix due to code violations or cosmetic issues, in which the latter case can be subjective and open to argument.

Our PDI home inspection focuses on major defects, safety concerns or defects that may lead to significant issues down the road that could be costly to repair. We provide the client with a detailed report including photos of defects that the builder can then repair. The report may also give the client an overall feel for the condition of the home and provide them with the peace of mind knowing their house is completed to an acceptable standard (not all new homes are nightmares).

Some clients wish to have a PDI home inspection to be proactive and force the builder to fix problems before the deal closes. Some clients prefer the latter scenario when dealing with the inspection of their new home.

One Year Warranty Home Inspection

As an alternative, clients may wish to waive their PDI inspection and have their home inspection performed about one month prior to the expiration of their Tarion one year home warranty. Some people prefer this method because it gives them almost one full year of living in the home to get a sense of the homes build quality and keep a close eye out for any issues that may arise. If any issues do pop up, then the homeowner can bring that to our attention and it can be documented in our report which the owner can give to the builder for repair, prior to the expiration of the home warranty.

Either way, new home owners should have a home inspection performed on their new home at some point within the first year to ensure any problems that may be present can be repaired before serious problems occur.

Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. provides new home PDI inspection and one year warranty home inspections on homes in Barrie and across Simcoe County.


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