Mould Inspections for Allergies in Barrie

Erich Kelter - Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Mould Inspection For Allergies

Some people may notice that whenever they are at home they “feel” different or perhaps ill. These same people may also observe that whenever they leave their home, they feel better or don’t experience symptoms such as fatigue, congestion, difficulty breathing, headaches etc. that they often experience when inside their home. If this is the case, then it may be worth looking into having a mould inspection and mould air sampling performed inside your home.

Mould Issues Are Not Always Obvious

Sometimes mould related problems may not be so obvious. It may take a long period of time for someone to correlate that their health declines each time they enter their home and spend significant time there. In these situations, it may make sense to have a mould inspection performed as well as air sampling to aid in troubleshooting or detecting a mould problem. Sometimes it may be localized in the home, perhaps just the basement has a problem due to moisture leakage, but since the basement is finished and nothing appears out of the ordinary, how can you tell if you have a mould problem without tearing apart the entire finished basement or other part of the home? The answer is simple; have a mould air sampling inspection performed.

Air Quality Testing 

Air sampling is a typical first course of action when dealing with a suspected mould problem. Why? Because it is typically non invasive and non destructive and air sampling can give us our first idea or clues as to what may or may not be a mould problem. If elevated spore counts are observed, then a proper course of remedial action can be taken or alternatively, if no elevated spore counts or abnormalities are observed, then one can move forward and in their evaluation of the home and determine if other possible sources may be the cause for the allergies.

Follow up Mould Remediation Test

If a problem is observed, then it is recommended that a qualified remediation company be contacted to perform abatement. Once the job is completed, a follow up mould air sampling inspection should be performed to ensure a proper and through remediation was performed.

Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. performs mould inspections and mould air sampling in Barrie and across Simcoe County.

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