Three Secrets about Home Energy Audits

Erich Kelter - Saturday, November 26, 2011

There is a big push around the world right now to make homes that are more energy efficient, and home energy audits will help you do just that. Of course many homeowners realize that home energy audits will show them how to make their homes run more efficiently, but there are some secrets to these audits that not everyone knows about.

Secret #1: Home energy audits can help you get grant money for those home repairs.

Homeowners, who are thinking about replacing any major component of their home, whether it's a toilet, insulation, furnace, or air conditioning unit, may be eligible for up to $5,000 in federal grant money, simply because it's making their home more energy efficient. The government likes that!

Secret #2: Home energy audits will cut your energy bill by up to 20 percent or more.

Of course the goal of making your home energy efficient is to help the environment, but in the process, you'll end up helping your wallet as well. Once you've taken care of all the problems found by the home energy audit, you'll see your energy bill drop quite noticeably.

Secret #3: Home energy audits protect your investment.

One of the most important investments you will ever make is the house you're living in, and if you don't have an inspector in to check things out regularly, you could be unaware of the problems that are developing. It might be time to replace the windows, and you would never know unless you had a home energy audit done. Aside from letting air out, leaky windows can also let moisture in, which are a major problem that can cause mold and other problems. By staying on top of the repairs, your house will be a home for as long as you're living in it.

Home energy audits are fairly simple and will result in a list of recommendations you can either choose to follow or to ignore. The best thing about these audits is that you can hire an inspector who spends all of his time doing these inspections and none of his time doing repairs. This is important because you can trust that he's not just trying to get you to pay for a repair you don't need. If the inspector recommends a repair, it's because you really do need it—not because he's trying to make an extra buck!

Above Grade Home Inspections will guide you through your next home energy audit to make sure you get the maximum benefit for your home.

Four Ways You Can Save Money with Home Energy Audits

Erich Kelter - Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Most people don't think much about how much energy they're using until they get the bill, but home energy audits will help make that experience of receiving the bill a little bit easier. Usually homeowners are clueless about how much heat or cool air their home is leaking. With a little bit of knowledge and a tiny bit of work, you can cut your energy bill by up to 20 percent.

Here are four ways home energy audits can save you money:

  1. They'll help reduce your water usage. Home energy audits will identify toilets that are greater than six liters per flush; any toilet that uses more is generally by today's standards wasting water.
  2. Home energy audits will identify areas that need more insulation. If your home is leaking heat, then the easiest way to solve this problem is to add more insulation. However, if you don't know where the insulation is low, you can't figure out where it is needed. Home energy audits will give you direction.
  3. You'll discover how efficient your furnace and air conditioning units are. The government has certain standards when it comes to energy efficiently, and if you have old units, they probably aren't up to par with what's expected. Home energy audits will show you how much of a change you can expect by updating those old units.
  4. They'll show you problems with windows or doors. Much of the heating or cooling that is lost from a home rolls right out around the windows or doors. Often some simple weather stripping or another similar small repair will take care of the problem. Home energy audits will show you exactly what is needed to keep your home sealed properly.

Every homeowner should plan regular home energy audits to make sure that everything in their home is working efficiently. The homeowner who is unprepared is the one who doesn't pay close enough attention to his house. Everything needs to be replaced eventually, and by being constantly aware of how your home is performing, you can stay on top of all your repair needs.

Above Grade Home Inspections will handle all of your home energy audits. They'll give you advice on what needs work and also how to qualify for government grant money to make your home more energy efficient.

Home Inspections and Home Energy Audits for Realtors

Erich Kelter - Friday, July 22, 2011

Buying or selling a home can be challenging in today's market and a home energy audit can really help you make sure that you get the best price possible. An unstable economy can make things difficult for sellers, but it opens up the availability for those seeking to buy. No matter your position-buyer or seller-it is imperative that you have someone you trust to inspect your home.

Selling your home is stressful enough without the added worry of unwanted surprises that may be found when home inspections are completed. The wise thing to do is to have a pre-listing inspection. A good inspector will search the nooks and crannies of your home to be sure you are free serious defects such as structural damage. Once you have found the flaws in your home, you can begin the process of repair before putting it on the market. A home inspection would save you the heartache of a failed deal due to unknown defects.

A home energy audit would also be helpful. An eco-energy audit could provide an edge in the current market. You could improve the performance of your appliances and cut energy costs even before you sell. You would have the ability to provide potential buyers with information regarding energy costs and list what you have done to ensure that your house is energy-efficient. Not only would this help save money in the future, but it protects our environment. The government is also currently offering grants for some energy efficient improvements and appliances.

If you are attempting to buy a home, the climate is in your favor. However, you must be shrewd and aware of the possible pitfalls of buying. You may want to believe the best of people, but it would be imprudent not to protect your investment with a home inspection. A thorough home inspection prevents unwanted surprises. Superior inspectors scour the house to find serious defects which may be lurking. They guard against dishonesty and shield you from financial disaster. You may also want to ask if the seller has had a home energy audit. The cost of home ownership goes far beyond the initial price of the dwelling; you must take the energy bill into account. To be sure that the home is energy efficient, you may want to consider an energy audit before you agree to buy.

Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. has been conducting home inspections and home energy audits in Barrie and Simcoe County for many years. They are certified and trusted, offering many services to meet the needs of their clients. To learn more go to

The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

Erich Kelter - Friday, July 22, 2011

Oil and gas fuel our lives, and a home energy audit can do wonders for your utility bill and your wallet. Energy is a very important aspect of life. Unfortunately, the cost continues to rise. Consequently, home owners are searching for ways to cut down on their monthly bill. There are many factors to consider when attempting to conserve energy; the best way to start is with a home energy audit.

Home inspections are imperative for anyone wanting to buy or sell a home, but a home energy audit is just as necessary. Many people do not take into account the cost of owning a home outside of the mortgage. Appliances that do not work correctly, gaps in windows and doors, and lack of insulation can contribute to wasted energy and unnecessary loss of money. A good inspector will search the home and check the furnace, hot water tank, insulation, windows, doors, and toilets to make sure that all are in working order. They will provide you with an audit evaluation that details the appliances or equipment that should be repaired or replaced. This report will also give you a plan and tips to help you reduce your energy bill. With a little time and effort, you can guarantee that your home is efficient and that your hard earned money is not being wasted.

Not only will a home energy audit help you reduce your costs and save you plenty of money in the future, you may also qualify for government grants. Because of the environmental impact of energy consumption, governments are taking action by offering rebates to home owners who obtain energy audits and take action to make eco-friendly changes to their homes. By purchasing environmentally sound products and reducing the amount of energy they consume, homeowners can help take care of the earth and ensure that future generations can enjoy a similar lifestyle. If everyone does their part, we can reduce the harmful effects of wasteful practices.

If you own a home, you cannot afford to forego a home energy audit. Start saving money and living more efficiently! Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. is a trusted company that offers home energy audits and many other services in Ontario. For more information, visit

Home Energy Audit Inspections in Canada: Tips for Interested Homeowners

Erich Kelter - Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Home energy audits Inspections are highly recommended to homeowners all over the world. There are so many ways your family can benefit by hiring a company to perform an energy audit on your living space. Even if you own a newer home, there may be ways you can improve the way your household consumes energy. The only way to know for sure is to hire a professional and have an official home energy audit performed.

Do Your Homework Prior to the Home Energy Audit

Before hiring a company to perform your home energy audit, do a little research. You do not have to turn into an expert, after all that is why you are hiring a professional. However it can help to know what a home energy audit will include. Most services offer clear information on what is covered and areas where your home might need improvement. For example, most home energy audits will include vital household components such as the furnace, hot water heater and air conditioning and insulation.

The home energy audit focuses on more than just energy consumption. It can also assist you with information on your home’s indoor air quality and overall comfort.

Get Funding for Your Home Energy Audit

Many people are not aware that they can actually receive funding for their home energy audit from the government. The amount and eligibility requirements will vary from one location to another, however in Ontario homeowners can receive up to $5000 in grant money for improvements they make to their home that improve its energy efficiency. Learning about available grant money should be your second step prior to hiring a company to perform an energy audit on your home.

You could wind up saving much more than you spent on the home energy audit inspection in the long term. Follow the suggestions and instructions of the auditor and you will begin to notice a decrease in utility bills. The home energy audit can also give your home more appealing qualities to entice buyers should you decide to sell in the future.

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What Can Home Energy Audits Do for Homeowners?

Erich Kelter - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Can Home Energy Audits Do for Homeowners?

Many property owners decide to hire an auditor to perform a home energy audit. There are many good reasons to have an audit done on your home. Despite their growing popularity, many homeowners still dismiss the potential of home energy audits. Believe it or not, there are a number of benefits to having a home energy audit performed on your home, and they aren't all focused on the environment.

Does Your Family's Green Living Measure Up?

The environment isn't the only reason to have a home energy audit performed, but it is one of the biggest reasons homeowners do it. The home energy audit will help your family determine where they can improve to live greener and cleaner. The addition of an Energy Star certified product, for example, can help lower your household's overall consumption. A home energy audit can also provide information on things that can be changed or added to your home to reduce waste and stay eco-friendly.

Lower Utilities Bills Can Help You Enjoy the Other Side of Green Living

There is another side of green living that your family can benefit from. This green is the color of money rather than Mother Nature. A home energy audit can show you which utilities you may be over-consuming. It might not be due to actual use, but rather another issue. For example, a home energy audit could advise you of an appliance that needs replaced, such as an old electricity-devouring A/C unit or hot water heater. The auditor can provide suggestions for energy efficient replacements. The home energy audit results can help you find ways to live comfortably while keeping more green in your bank account.

Move Away From the Grid

A home energy audit can also help you come up with ways to live more independently and less dependently on the "grid". In this case, we are talking about more than just electricity, although that is a good place to start. Some families have solar panels installed so they can supplement their current power source or possibly wean themselves off of it completely. Wind power is another popular choice, depending on where you live. Home energy audits are the first step to improving the way your family lives.

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