The Benefits of a Home Energy Audit

Erich Kelter - Friday, July 22, 2011

Oil and gas fuel our lives, and a home energy audit can do wonders for your utility bill and your wallet. Energy is a very important aspect of life. Unfortunately, the cost continues to rise. Consequently, home owners are searching for ways to cut down on their monthly bill. There are many factors to consider when attempting to conserve energy; the best way to start is with a home energy audit.

Home inspections are imperative for anyone wanting to buy or sell a home, but a home energy audit is just as necessary. Many people do not take into account the cost of owning a home outside of the mortgage. Appliances that do not work correctly, gaps in windows and doors, and lack of insulation can contribute to wasted energy and unnecessary loss of money. A good inspector will search the home and check the furnace, hot water tank, insulation, windows, doors, and toilets to make sure that all are in working order. They will provide you with an audit evaluation that details the appliances or equipment that should be repaired or replaced. This report will also give you a plan and tips to help you reduce your energy bill. With a little time and effort, you can guarantee that your home is efficient and that your hard earned money is not being wasted.

Not only will a home energy audit help you reduce your costs and save you plenty of money in the future, you may also qualify for government grants. Because of the environmental impact of energy consumption, governments are taking action by offering rebates to home owners who obtain energy audits and take action to make eco-friendly changes to their homes. By purchasing environmentally sound products and reducing the amount of energy they consume, homeowners can help take care of the earth and ensure that future generations can enjoy a similar lifestyle. If everyone does their part, we can reduce the harmful effects of wasteful practices.

If you own a home, you cannot afford to forego a home energy audit. Start saving money and living more efficiently! Above Grade Home Inspections Inc. is a trusted company that offers home energy audits and many other services in Ontario. For more information, visit

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