Thermal Imaging Home Inspections in Barrie

Erich Kelter - Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mould, water damage, deterioration of insulation, cracks, and water leaks – these are a few of the things that can be happening behind the walls, festering in your family home. Behind the walls, these concealed problems can lead to expensive and complicated repairs, while lowering the structural integrity and value of your home. In the past, to find hidden problems like these, home owners would need to tear down the walls and inspect the interiors manually, resulting in expensive repairs.

Thankfully, there is at least one home inspector in Barrie that is certified to use an infrared thermal imaging camera and he can see more! With thermal imaging cameras, a complete and thorough inspection is made without the need for any destructive or invasive analysis.

What exactly can thermal imaging cameras do?

  • Find moisture within the walls before expensive, visible damage is made – moisture that could mean destructive mould, plumbing and foundation leaks.
  • Determine areas where there is missing or inadequate insulation.
  • Find areas of significant air infiltration or leakage which equates to higher heating & cooling costs.
  • Find structural flaws and defects.
  • Scan for defects in hard-to-reach areas of the house that would otherwise be impossible to inspect.
  • Do all of this non-invasive, without damaging your walls or finishing.

Why have a certified Inspector perform a Thermal Imaging Home Inspection?

  • Certified Thermal Imaging Home Inspectors have been specifically trained in the use of the imaging equipment.
  • Rooting out problems early will save on repair costs in the future and reduce utility costs.
  • Thermal imaging results in a complete and thorough home inspection – allowing you to see things outside of a regular visual home inspection while also providing extra peace of mind.

When searching for home inspectors in Barrie, remember that a certified Thermal Imaging Home Inspector can give Barrie homeowners what they need, peace of mind for both your family and home. Choose the right inspector; be sure to insist on an inspector that is a certified Thermal Imaging Home Inspector.

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