Three Secrets about Home Energy Audits

Erich Kelter - Saturday, November 26, 2011

There is a big push around the world right now to make homes that are more energy efficient, and home energy audits will help you do just that. Of course many homeowners realize that home energy audits will show them how to make their homes run more efficiently, but there are some secrets to these audits that not everyone knows about.

Secret #1: Home energy audits can help you get grant money for those home repairs.

Homeowners, who are thinking about replacing any major component of their home, whether it's a toilet, insulation, furnace, or air conditioning unit, may be eligible for up to $5,000 in federal grant money, simply because it's making their home more energy efficient. The government likes that!

Secret #2: Home energy audits will cut your energy bill by up to 20 percent or more.

Of course the goal of making your home energy efficient is to help the environment, but in the process, you'll end up helping your wallet as well. Once you've taken care of all the problems found by the home energy audit, you'll see your energy bill drop quite noticeably.

Secret #3: Home energy audits protect your investment.

One of the most important investments you will ever make is the house you're living in, and if you don't have an inspector in to check things out regularly, you could be unaware of the problems that are developing. It might be time to replace the windows, and you would never know unless you had a home energy audit done. Aside from letting air out, leaky windows can also let moisture in, which are a major problem that can cause mold and other problems. By staying on top of the repairs, your house will be a home for as long as you're living in it.

Home energy audits are fairly simple and will result in a list of recommendations you can either choose to follow or to ignore. The best thing about these audits is that you can hire an inspector who spends all of his time doing these inspections and none of his time doing repairs. This is important because you can trust that he's not just trying to get you to pay for a repair you don't need. If the inspector recommends a repair, it's because you really do need it—not because he's trying to make an extra buck!

Above Grade Home Inspections will guide you through your next home energy audit to make sure you get the maximum benefit for your home.

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