What Can Home Energy Audits Do for Homeowners?

Erich Kelter - Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What Can Home Energy Audits Do for Homeowners?

Many property owners decide to hire an auditor to perform a home energy audit. There are many good reasons to have an audit done on your home. Despite their growing popularity, many homeowners still dismiss the potential of home energy audits. Believe it or not, there are a number of benefits to having a home energy audit performed on your home, and they aren't all focused on the environment.

Does Your Family's Green Living Measure Up?

The environment isn't the only reason to have a home energy audit performed, but it is one of the biggest reasons homeowners do it. The home energy audit will help your family determine where they can improve to live greener and cleaner. The addition of an Energy Star certified product, for example, can help lower your household's overall consumption. A home energy audit can also provide information on things that can be changed or added to your home to reduce waste and stay eco-friendly.

Lower Utilities Bills Can Help You Enjoy the Other Side of Green Living

There is another side of green living that your family can benefit from. This green is the color of money rather than Mother Nature. A home energy audit can show you which utilities you may be over-consuming. It might not be due to actual use, but rather another issue. For example, a home energy audit could advise you of an appliance that needs replaced, such as an old electricity-devouring A/C unit or hot water heater. The auditor can provide suggestions for energy efficient replacements. The home energy audit results can help you find ways to live comfortably while keeping more green in your bank account.

Move Away From the Grid

A home energy audit can also help you come up with ways to live more independently and less dependently on the "grid". In this case, we are talking about more than just electricity, although that is a good place to start. Some families have solar panels installed so they can supplement their current power source or possibly wean themselves off of it completely. Wind power is another popular choice, depending on where you live. Home energy audits are the first step to improving the way your family lives.

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