What is a Thermal Imaging Home Inspection?

Erich Kelter - Saturday, June 11, 2011

Many homeowners have never heard of a thermal imaging home inspection. This technology is a breakthrough for residential inspections because it is non-invasive and requires no damage or alterations done to the home to work. It is completely safe and can quickly identify problem areas in any room inside your home. How does a thermal imaging home inspection work?

How does a thermal imaging home inspection work?

A thermal imaging home inspection uses infrared energy to reveal any problems in your residence. The system works by utilizing waves of energy that fall outside of the human eye’s visible spectrum. The inspector moves through the home with a thermal imaging device revealing the presence of hidden moisture, cold areas and hot areas. These could be caused by a leaky pipe, missing or a lack of insulation, electrical components that are overheating or areas where moisture is able to make its way into your home.

The Benefits of a Thermal Imaging Home Inspection

What makes a thermal imaging home inspection so much more appealing for some homeowners? The main draw is the un-intrusive nature of this type of inspection. The inspector uses a camera displaying the thermal imaging. Nothing needs to be inserted into walls or cut opened to view behind closed areas. The device handles the process without doing any harm to the home.

The thermal imaging home inspection provides a great deal of insight and detail that might have been missed. Homeowners can discover water leaks or moisture areas that they might never have noticed. These areas can weaken interior structures, walls and even cause mould growth that can turn into a serious problem. The thermal imaging home inspection can also take some of the guesswork out of determining exactly where a problem is originating. The color variations show the inspector where the problem is and can help direct the homeowner to its place of origins in their home. A thermal imagine home inspection is one of the most effective ways to find any hidden issues that may be lurking inside your home.

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