Purchase Plus Improvements Inspections

          Some Banks and Mortgage Brokers are able to offer a great program to home buyers that enables them to apply for extra funds that can be applied to their mortgage in order to facilitate sometimes costly upgrades that they would otherwise be unable to afford. Typically this is referred to as a "purchase plus improvements" type of program. Essentially, the home buyer can have a certain amount of money added to the mortgage so they can have upgrades done quickly to their new home and not have to worry about huge up front out of pocket costs. Items that add value to a home such as new appliances, updating windows, flooring, kitchens and bathrooms, even a new roof typically apply. Once these upgrades are completed, an inspection must be performed in order to confirm the upgrades are present, which then allows the lender to release the funds to the homeowner. Above Grade Home Inspections can provide you with a purchase plus improvements (PPI) inspection including a report that is sent to the lender on your behalf in order to have those funds reimbursed to the home owner. Need a PPI inspection? Call us today to book!   




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